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Before reading any further, take a moment to look around your office. Take note of all the equipment you are using. Then, if it is possible, look out the window and note the vehicles parked in the driveway. Do they have insurance cover? If not, they should have and so should the software that runs your business - the business, incidentally, which provides the revenue you used to purchase those items.

Since Softline Pastel instituted a customer contact centre some nine years ago, they have been thoroughly committed to providing their subscribers with high levels of service and support. Pastel employ over 130 support agents giving you the added assurance of support when you need it.

The contact centre is divided into specialised teams to ensure you receive the correct advice on your first call thus maximizing the dividends of your Pastel Cover Support investment.

You can log a support call telephonically, via e-mail or the internet and you will be assisted by a trained call centre agent.

Softline Pastel recently relocated to a new office park where they deploy the latest call centre technology ensuring continuous improvement in their services.

Should you wish to benefit from this world class call centre you need to enrol as a Pastel Cover Member. Pastel Cover is a comprehensive support plan specifically tailored to provide the assistance that your business needs to run effectively. Pastel Cover ensures that the accounting side of your business always has the support and maintenance that is needed by providing you with the latest software updates and upgrades at no additional cost.

In addition, as of version 12 of Pastel cover will open up a host of new features as the are designed by Sage Pastel which will be delivered to you via automatic updates.

Contact us to find out how else cover may benefit you business.