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Welcome to Vee Dench & Associates

Located in Salt Rock, we provide a host of services to our customers. No matter what your Pastel requirement, we can help.

Support & Installation

Do you require assistance setting up your software or help with some feature in Pastel? Find out more about Pastel's exciting features and how we can help.

Pastel Products

Do you require an accounting package to facilitate your business' success? Whether you are just starting out or been active for sometime, the right package will help. Find out which one suits your needs best.

Data Corruptions

Do you have a data corruption? Data corruptions are problamatic for all companies and should be rectified immediately. Find out how to detect them and what can be done.

Ledger Restructuring

Do you need your General Ledger restructured? Perhaps stock items or customers and suppliers? Whether you are setting up a new company or wish to restructure your current setup for better reporting and management, we can help. Find out how.

Customised Reports

Do you require customised reports? Whatever detail you need reported on, if it is in Pastel, a report can be generated to facilitate your business' success. Find out of the standard reports and what custom ones can be generated.


Do you manufacture stock items? Should you need assistance with setting up Pastel for manufacturing or refining your current setup, we can help. Find out how.